Melvin Price: tenor, alto, soprano saxophones, keys

Melvin was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he eventually graduated from a local college in 1985 with a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine. That same year, he joined a bustling medical practice where his never ending high-energy level and his demand for excellence, have only benefited his professional and personal life.

Melvin rises early every morning so he can hit the gymnasium and perform a vigorous fitness routine even before he sees his first patient of the day. He attributes his keen sense of discipline to his father, a career military man.

Melvin’s first musical experience was receiving classical piano lessons at the age of five, which he later followed with learning and playing clarinet in high school.

During the early college years, there was one fateful day in between classes. Melvin walked into a pawn shop and found himself immediately drawn to a saxophone on hanging on the wall. “The moment that sax was in my hands, I knew I was going to be playing it all over Philly,” he said. And play it he did. The self taught saxophonist went on to perform with numerous bands in the Philadelphia area circuit in styles ranging from Reggae to Rock to R & B to Jazz.

Melvin didn’t always find himself fitting in. “I was asked to fill in with a Reggae band at the Wild Hare in Chicago, Illinois and stuck out like a sore thumb! I was the only member without dreadlocks and a tan! But, boy, those were the good old days.”

Melvin considers his brother his greatest musical influence. A multi talented wonder, played piano, trombone, and trumpet for the United States Navy Band. In this capacity, he traveled the United States and the world entertaining the troops at military installations and bases along side such notable names as Ray Charles and Ramsey Lewis.

His brother’s experiences inspired Melvin to try out for the United States Navy Band. So, after he finished school, Melvin auditioned and won a soon vacating seat in the Navy Band playing saxophone. But, as fate would have it, the vacating player had a change of heart and decided to renew his tenure. A Navy recruiter had the unenviable duty of informing Melvin of the bad news. Not only had the other musician chosen to stay, but, it was unlikely that there would be another opening let alone be able to touch a saxophone for the next four years if he enlisted! With that dream denied, Melvin instead opted for post-graduate studies where he busied himself with an active academic and social calendar.

In 1992, Melvin moved his family to Bradenton, Florida. Once again, his schedule is dominated by a busy medical practice; squeezing in time to play the saxophone.

In mid summer of 2005, Melvin was in a performance at a local Kiwanis Club. After the show, he was approached by Bill Hileman, who introduced himself asked Melvin if he would be interested in assembling a “Smooth Jazz” band. The thought of having a steady “Smooth Jazz” band was appealing to Melvin; and so was the origin of “Project S.R.Q.”

and his musical experiences continue…………